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The Two-Man Power Team

Digital Marketer

Nate Hidalgo 

Constantly driven by the desire to engage with others and produce high-quality work, Nate is one-half of the two-man power team that is Integrative Marketing. After discovering his interest in the business world, Nate studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at Portland State University and earned his degree in 2020. Shortly after beginning his career as a marketing professional, an idea began to formulate. An idea inspired by the many years of tremendous success his father had as a business owner on the East Coast. The idea became a discussion and the discussion evolved to action in January 2022. Integrative Marketing was founded by Nate & Sebastian to offer a genuine helping hand to both English and Spanish-speaking small business owners on the West Coast. We sought to establish a service available to passionate individuals like ourselves working tirelessly to see their business succeed and after months of preparation we're proud to say: we're here.

Digital Marketers

Sebastian Mosquera

Driven by perseverance and empowerment, Sebastian has always expressed his beliefs through his work. Witnessing his parents establish and operate a small janitorial company led him to pursue a degree in Business Administration with a double emphasis in Marketing and Management. After successfully earning his degree from Concordia University Irvine in 2020, Sebastian pursued a career in marketing within his hometown of Los Angeles. Quickly, he discovered a sense of fulfillment in the ability to boost brand loyalty by communicating a business’ consumer value. Living in a world where the eye guides everything, Sebastian strives to put your lens on the world.


From the roots to now.

The roots of our story began in the beautiful countries of Colombia, South America, and Costa Rica, Central America. We were both raised by Colombian/Costa Rican families that came to the United States 30+ years ago in search of a better future for generations to come. Here we are years later as first-generation college graduates from both our linages, proud to say our family's efforts paid off. 


At Integrative Marketing, we hope to translate our own accomplishments by helping you achieve your own business goals. We understand the steps you've taken to get where you are as well as the drive you have to build on what you've created.